One of a kind training that is not merely informational, but transformational


Choose from our array of product offerings described below to build a custom-fit program


Train just one person or your entire organization

  • group training
  • 360 assessment
  • one-on-one coaching
  • elevate learning environment
  • peer group coaching

Group Training — SEE, THINK, and LEAD differently

Instruction in the 8 core units of the Resilient Leadership method by our team of leadership coaches. Through this training, participants learn to become aware of their own emotional functioning and to recognize and understand the interpersonal dynamics happening around them everyday – shaping them into more insightful and effective leaders.

360 Assessment — Track Your Growth

Our 360 Assessment is so named both because of its ability to track progress, and also its expansive data gathering. Participants evaluate their own performance via our self-assessment tool, and identify 5 to 10 colleagues to complete the same assessment of the participant’s leadership style. Our coaches then synthesize these results to provide participants an accurate evaluation of his/her strengths and areas for improvement.

1-on-1 Coaching — Transforming Culture

Work with a Certified Resilient Leadership coach to apply RL principles to organizational or daily challenges. One-on-one coaching can be conducted independent of our other training options, or folded into a larger RL training program where a subset of leaders engaging in our RL courses have the opportunity to also meet with a coach. In this way, these leaders are better able spur change in an organization by building a thorough understanding of the RL toolkit.

Elevate Learning Environment — Your Virtual Academy

Developed by sister-company, CommPartners, LLC, Elevate is a cutting edge innovation in e-learning. This fully customizable, virtual learning community is an excellent accompaniment to institution-wide training, allowing participants to access their course materials, chat with colleagues and coaches, and monitor their progress through the course all within a single virtual home.

Peer Groups — Take the Next Step

Trainees participate in smaller, breakout discussions, either in-person or virtually, with one of our leadership coaches or an internal RL mentor. Like one-on-one coaching, this serves to further embed course instruction into an organization’s day-to-day management, and also allows a team to work through a current challenge with the aid of a Resilient Leadership coach or mentor.