Resilient Leadership Coach Certification Program

Leaders need new tools to go from
“Surviving to Thriving” in
our VUCA world.

Earn 40 Core Competency Credits.

Join our upcoming Resilient Leadership Coach Certification Program beginning in early 2025 to learn and earn.

  • Learn how to equip yourself and others to be resilient and to thrive in volatile times. Experience moments of life with calm, clarity, and conviction.
  • Earn 40 Core Competency Credits, which fulfills the annual requirement for certified membership with ICF.

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Skills You'll Take Away from the RL Coach Certification Program

The RL Coach Certification virtual training program is designed to enable you to explore new perspectives in your own professional and personal development. During the initial 18½ hour training, our experienced RL coaches present key theories and principles in highly participative sessions. Subsequently, a year-long series of (4) quarterly sessions provides ongoing support in the application of RL concepts, which will expand and enrich your coaching toolkit.

During this comprehensive program, you will learn how to:

  • Communicate more clearly by being calmer under increasing pressure.
  • Lead with greater self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • Cultivate and maintain more healthy and balanced relationships.
  • Develop a lifelong process to more thoughtfully See, Think, and Lead.

Learn About Our ICF-Accredited RL Coach Certification Program

Resilient Leadership Development
1-on-1 Coaching

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Resilient Leadership Training for Organizations

Jim Burns: Unpacks the Core Principles of Resilient Leadership

RL is a new way of seeing thinking and leading
"We are feeling beings that think" Jim Burns talks about the rational and emotional systems by observing reactivity, helps people see the hidden dynamics of their organization and families.

Learn More Directly From the Source About Resilient Leadership

Published in May 2024 Resilient Leadership 2.0 Revised and Expanded Edition is the primary resource used in the certification program. The new addition has three additional chapters and more “How to” references in the Appendix. Signed copies of the book are provided with course registration.

Join Bob and Bridgette as they explain the theory and application of each of the eight RL concepts.  Taken from their combined 50 years of coaching experiences, each true-life example clearly demonstrates the application of a powerful and practical concept.

Dealing with significant change?

Coping with high levels of anxiety?

Wondering how to lead in a really turbulent time?

Some Feedback from Our Resilient Coaching Program

”The interactions with the team members in the breakouts, listening to how they applied these concepts. The real world scenarios from Jim and Bridgette made it seem more ’real‘.“

”I appreciated the use of movies as a way of illustrating how to use popular culture to convey Resilient Leadership principles.“

”The insights and discussions related to Over and Under Functioning. This is the greatest area of personal need and a common problem for most of the leaders that I coach.“

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The Resilient Leadership model calls for leaders to embrace a “New Way of SEEING, THINKING, and LEADING”. In this document we invite you to focus on the nature of the “New Way of THINKING” that has the potential to transform to a dramatic degree the effectiveness of leaders everywhere.

How Resilient Are You?

Learn more about self-differentiation with a comprehensive analysis and follow up. The assessment  includes an explanation of the three key areas that characterize well-differentiated leaders: Less Anxious Presence, Lead with Convictions, and Stay Connected.

  • Find your Resilient Leadership score
  • Get 9 practical tips to build leadership effectiveness
  • Learn more about your level of self-differentiation, receive a summary with an explanation that characterize well-differentiated leaders.
Embracing a New Chapter from Classroom to Leadership Development

Embracing a New Chapter from Classroom to Leadership Development

June 6, 2024

Asking good questions helps develop a less anxious presence. The Resilient Leadership Coach Certification Program helps develop this presence.

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