Anxious Times… Here to Stay

  • Fact: In these fast-paced, anxious times many situations, topics and conversations easily devolve into taking a side, taking a stand. “Win-Lose” seems to be everywhere these days. Many of us find we are taking a hard stand for our position, while others of us are quietly withdrawing from the fray.
  • Action: Here is the paradigm shift embedded in Resilient Leadership: Focus on your own functioning, not on attempting to change or persuade others. Stay calm, stay connected and also stay convicted. Practice the basic and powerful three-step process of “SEEING, THINKING and LEADING. Thoughtfully listen to the viewpoints of others, seeking clarity (SEEING). Objectively consider the merits of all points of view, seeking a deeper understanding (THINKING). Speak and/or act in a way that is well-informed and well-considered, seeking consistency with your core values and vision (LEADING).

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