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Best Year Ever - 2023

Best Year Ever - 2023

Our fondest hope at Resilient Leadership, LLC is to provide a pathway to help people increase their level of self-differentiation, or simply, to help people have a more thoughtful, meaningful direction in their lives and become more fully their true selves.

Self-differentiation is not a goal to achieve, rather it is a lifelong journey of growing in maturity.

Best Year Ever - 2023

This is What it Looks Like:

An Increase in Self-Awareness

  • Expanding your awareness of the actions, feelings, motives, desires, and thinking that forms your character and makes you the unique, wonderful person you are.

An Increase in Self–Regulation:

  • Building your capacity to maintain an open, balanced, and authentic connection with others.

An Increase in Self-Definition:

  • Growing your capacity for independent, fact-based thought and right action.

Now, at the beginning of this New Year, you may wish to consider:

  • What will I do to make 2023 my Best Year Ever?
Jim Moyer

Jim Moyer
This article was written by Jim Moyer Founding member of Resilient Leadership, LLC
Jim is an Executive Coach and strategic planning and organizational development consultant with over 30 years experience in for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations. Jim has successfully grown his consulting and coaching practice since 1998. You can reach Jim at