Resilient Leadership
Coach Certification Program

Instruction and guided group discussions covering the full range of Resilient Leadership materials.


Resilient Leadership
Coach Certification Program


Instruction and guided group discussions covering the full range of Resilient Leadership materials.


The RL Coach Certification Program

The RL Coach Certification Program is designed to encourage attendees to explore new perspectives in their own professional and personal development. This is accomplished by virtually delivered series of interactive webinars that includes input from our senior RL experts and peer sharing around practical application of the RL principles being presented. A year-long in-depth quarterly follow-up process deepens learning and offers ongoing support in the deployment of RL resources that will enrich your current coaching toolkit.

The Program fee including RL Coach Certification is $2,250.

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What You Will Learn in the RL Coach Certification Program:

  • The real reason for burnout and how you can help the leaders you coach to avoid it
  • 8 "Core Practices" that will strengthen your resilience in the face of escalating change and daunting uncertainty
  • 6 key patterns of organizational reactivity that keep leaders stuck and how to navigate around them
  • How to avoid toxic triangles and improve their health, well-being and decision-making
  • How to be a "Step-Down Transformer" and bring a calming influence to anxious relationship systems
  • Improve leaders' ability to take tough stands while still staying powerfully connected to others

Program Highlights:

Enroll in our Online Resilient Leadership Coach Certification Program where you will work with a small number of colleagues to explore the emotional dynamics that surround all that you do at work, at home, and everywhere. During this year-long program, you and your colleagues will learn a new way of SEEING, THINKING and LEADING that will strengthen your own resilience, enhance your clients' individual and organizational resilience and expand your professional tool kit.

More Details

  • Two additional 1-hour webinars following the sessions
  • Plus, four quarterly follow up Check-In Calls
  • ICF CCEUs – (41 Core and 6.75 Resource Development)

Program Schedule

  • Week 1 – Two 2½ Hour Session on Friday and One 2½ Hour Session on Saturday
    (Total =7½ Hrs.)
  • Week 2 – Two 2½ Hour Session on Friday and One 2½ Hour Session on Saturday
    (Total =7½ Hrs.)
  • Week 3 – One 3½ Hour Session on Friday (Total =3½ Hrs.)

Total for all three weeks = 18½ hrs

The Program fee including RL Coach Certification is $2,250.

What Sets Resilient Leadership Apart?

We teach leaders (and the coaches who work with them) how to navigate the hidden chemistry of their organization, what we call the emotional system.  Seldom does anything in a leader’s professional development adequately prepare them to work effectively with the emotional side of their organization, and yet emotional dynamics are always the driver or the barrier of continued and sustained success. We dive deeply into the understanding and mastery of emotional systems in our training and we equip you to bring this unique perspective and skill set to your clients.

How You will Benefit From This Program

The Resilient Leadership tools we provide in this program will enable you to help your clients to lead with greater calm, clarity and conviction in the midst of heightened anxiety caused by increasing complexity and accelerating change. This kind of leadership is always important but is even more relevant now, given the level of anxiety and uncertainty that every organization and business must grapple with. As the pandemic continues to unfold, people are hungry for new ways of sustaining themselves and their teams over time. Leaders must inspire their organizations to prevail and position them to emerge on the other side of this crisis stronger and better. Our training will give you a unique set of coaching tools and distinctions that will equip you to meet this need, and will provide you with a timely and compelling offer for your clients.

International Coach Federation (ICF) CCE Credits

Participation in the training program will earn coaches 41 Core Competencies units and 6.75 Resource Development units.

The RL Coach Certification Program provides course graduates with a competitive edge both in their coaching process and content and in their professional stature. Professional development programs that are ICF certified provide the highest standard of quality and innovation in the coaching profession.

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Become a part of the Resilient Leadership Certified Coaching Cadre


Individuals who successfully complete the RL Coach Certification Program become part of our highly skilled community of coaches who are equipped to help leaders rise above the turbulent forces of today’s workplace, including increased complexity and a requirement to face unrelenting, accelerating and disruptive change.

RL coaches are granted a renewable license to utilize the Resilient Leadership model and access to RL Elevate© our proprietary learning management system (LMS). These resources are available to our certified coaches and can be used in their practice or as part of our team on large-scale projects. Certified RL Coaches are also supported via quarterly mentoring conferences, interactions with a community of peers, and access to proprietary RL training materials hosted on our members-only RL Coaches Portal.

”The interactions with the team members in the breakouts, listening to how they applied these concepts. The real world scenarios from Jim and Bridgette made it seem more ’real‘.“

”I appreciated the use of movies as a way of illustrating how to use popular culture to convey Resilient Leadership principles.“

”The insights and discussions related to Over and Under Functioning. This is the greatest area of personal need and a common problem for most of the leaders that I coach.“

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