Constantly doing too much or too little at work or home? Look for the root cause.

  • Fact: If you are over- and/or underfunctioning these days, it is your automatic (reactive) responses to a perceived threat. The deep roots of these behaviors lie in our anxious fears that are generally beneath conscious awareness. But with sustained practice we can improve our ability to recognize (and therefore better understand and manage) our behaviors that signal overly high levels of anxiety.
  • Action: Track the ways you recognize you are over- or under functioning. Here is an idea: Post a list of the fears that are driving the behaviors (e.g. Fear of: Being left out, losing my job, getting behind at work, getting old, etc.). Then consider these questions: 1) How rational is this fear? 2) What reactive response am I connecting to this fear? 3) How is this working for me? 4) What should I do now?