Consulting Services

Consulting Servicesincludes one-on-one discussions and team facilitation designed to help leaders and leadership teams become more effective in recognizing and managing the emotional processes in the relationships they have in the workplace.  With training and coaching leaders develop greater levels of Self Differentiation.

Leading as a Differentiated Self means that you are clear about who you are as a leader and what you stand for, and you can communicate that to others while still staying connected to them.  A well-defined leader calms a system, because they bring clarity and consistency to it.

  • Be a Less Anxious Presence means to “embody and communicate an inner calm in a way that lowers others anxiety.”
  • To Stay Connected means to strike a healthy balance by being “Close enough to influence yet distant enough to lead.”
  • To Lead with Conviction means being able to take tough stands while still staying connected to important stakeholders. It also refers to a capacity for being bold and for taking risks when needed.