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COVID – 19? Take Command!

COVID – 19? Take Command!


The worldwide pandemic of COVID – 19 is creating escalating levels of fear and anxiety everywhere. For most of us here in the US, the worst is still ahead and in the coming weeks our sense of stability and control will be severely tested. We can and will get through this.

At the national and organizational level, within communities and families and for each of us individually, the need to remain calm while staying connected and staying on course has never been greater.


Stay Calm: Make objective judgements about the COVID- 19 challenge by separating fact from fear. Watch for and manage your own reactive behaviors and triggers. Find time to “get on the balcony” in order to SEE the systemic reactivity impacting you at the family, community or national level.

Stay Connected: Engage in unselfish actions by finding ways to help family members, neighbors, health care works and other essential works who continue to serve our communities even at risk to themselves. Decide how to maintain and share your spirit with others.

Stay the Course: Willfully accept the COVID –19 pandemic challenge. Take action to protect and preserve your physical and mental well-being. Rest well, eat well, exercise well and be well. Commit to LEAD yourself and others from a place of self-awareness followed by thoughtful self-regulation.

Try It:

Figure out how you plan to Stay Calm, Stay Connected and Stay the Course in the weeks ahead. Write down the plan and post it in a place you will see every day. Spend 1-2 minutes every morning to reflect on your COVID-19 plan. Take Command.