Emotional Triangles are Everywhere and Ever Present

Emotional TrianglesA triangle is a triad between three people, formed to lower the stress being experienced between two of the people.” Initial exploration by Dr. Murray Bowen led to the realization that the basic building block of emotional systems is the triangle not the dyad as one might initially think.  Bowen discovered that a dyad (two-person) relationship inevitably encounters sufficient anxiety that a third person is sought by one of both members of the dyad to relieve anxiety buildup.

Others have pointed out that seeing and managing the emotional triangles in their relationships is an essential step to take in order to increase their sense of calm and well-being.

Here's an Idea:

Select one relationship that is unsettling to you at the moment.  Think through the issues surrounding the sense of upset that you are experiencing. Find the leg or legs of the emotional triangle that are causing you to be upset.

Would you like to repair this emotional triangle?
Find an excellent resource in Chapter 6 of Resilient Leadership 2.0.