Focus on Your Own Functioning

  • Fact: An accumulating body of research is gradually changing the paradigm for what competencies contribute to greater leadership effectiveness. Following more of a military model, an older approach focused on training a leader how to “command and control” others to follow the leader’s directions. Today, the emphasis is shifting toward a focus on the presence and functioning of the leader, so that issues such as self-awareness and self-management carry more equal weight than as learning how best to supervise, delegate, or direct.
  • Action: The RL model captures the essence of this new paradigm of leadership effectiveness with three imperatives: Stay Calm, Stay the Course, and Stay Connected. Choose one of these three that feels like it holds the most potential for your personal growth, and then find the relevant chapter (2, 3, or 4) in Resilient Leadership 2.0. Pick just one of the Core Practices from that chapter, and make a commitment to work on it over a sufficient period of time to own it at a deep level.