Group Training and Coaching Services

What We Believe: Teams get the best results when team members learn to see and manage their own emotional system to remain calm, stay connected and stay on course even in the midst of chaotic and anxious filled situations.

What We Do: The RL Team customizes every training event (or series of trainings) to fit the specific challenges faced by the organization we serve. Whether it is an Executive Team that needs to step up its game to manage new obstacles or threats, or a recently formed ad hoc group that must learn quickly how to work together as a team on an urgent priority, we deliver the training that produces results.

What Our Client Get: RL training builds a foundation of shared understanding about how emotional systems work and what leaders need to do to achieve best results. We show our clients how those shared RL learnings can become the cultural norm for the organization.

Bridgette describes the impact RL has on teams and organizations