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Managing a lot of change? Give your team the clarity they need

  • Fact: The human brain craves certainty. When change efforts breed uncertainty, peoples’ anxiety and reactivity escalates, as does the rumor mill.
  • Action: Ask yourself where your team needs more clarity from you. Then communicate clearly, consistently and often. Doing so will calm their anxiety and settle the rumor mill, which in turn will allow people to act more thoughtfully.

Idea of the Week: Feeling Overworked or Overcommitted? Hit the Pause Button.

  • Fact: To over-function means to think, feel or act for another in a way that erodes their capacity for ownership or effective action. Over-functioning is an anxious response to stress and includes behaviors such as a failure to delegate, assuming responsibility for another’s work, excessive worrying about another, or telling others what you think is best for them.
  • Action: Next time you feel the urge to step in and do for others, hit the pause button.  Be responsible for what is yours to carry, and let others do the same.

(Feel Tense? Get Curious!)

  • Fact: Our brains cannot be both curious and highly anxious at the same time. Consciously choosing to be curious counteracts anxiety the moment it arises and helps us to see possibilities, not just threats.
  • Action: Next time you are leading or participating in a meeting where emotions and tensions are running high, bring a curious mindset and ask thoughtful questions. Doing so will have a calming effect on you and others.