Coach Certification Program

Resilient Leadership is pleased to offer established leadership coaches, trainers, consultants and human resources professionals the opportunity to become a certified coach in the Resilient Leadership Method.

Bridgette Theurer:
As an Executive Coach, Bridgette Theurer’s expertise is in helping leaders to become a more inspired, energized and effective presence in their organizations, especially during times of significant change and transition. She has 25+ years of experience coaching and consulting with leaders at all levels and in a variety of institutional settings including large government agencies, corporations and smaller entrepreneurial enterprises.

Bridgette is particularly adept at helping leaders to better manage their capacity (and the capacity of their organizations) so that they can more consistently satisfy stakeholder needs, sustain their leadership efforts over time and achieve greater balance in their lives. Bridgette takes a strengths-based approach to coaching, helping clients to gain a fresh perspective on their unique strengths and to discover new ways of leveraging them.  As a result of working with Bridgette, clients are better able to rise above the chaos of day-to-day demands and lead with renewed clarity, impact and focus.

Bridgette publications include:
Missing Conversations: 9 Questions All Leaders Should Ask Themselves (with Heather Jelks)
Resilient Leadership 2.0 (with Bob Duggan)

Bob Duggan
As an Executive Coach, Bob Duggan is recognized for building immediate rapport to become a trusted confidante and advisor to top business leaders. He utilizes a combination of keen assessment and evaluation skills, and innate ability to break down complexity to arrive at the essence of issues adversely effecting progress and success of executive leaders. Once clarity is established, Bob is committed to providing individuals and entire organizations with the tools they need to successfully undergo growth, diversification and transitional changes that contribute to success today and well into the future.

Bob is recognized for converging contemporary management philosophies, organizational dynamics and business leadership tactics that will move an organization forward. He offers far-reaching breadth and depth of experience and a high-profile reputation in domestic and international circles as a pioneer in cutting edge organizational development and leadership programs.  He has tirelessly committed his time and shared his expertise as a consultant, trainer, author and presenter for, and offered a wide array of in-depth, personalized executive coaching, group facilitation, workshops/seminars and training/development programs to individual organizations, associations, and global entities.

Bob's Background:

Bob’s background also includes pastoral leadership as an ordained minister, academic experience as a Visiting Scholar/Adjunct Professor at prominent universities and colleges across the US and Europe, and community engagement as a Board Member / Advisor of professional, philanthropic and publishing organizations.

Bob’s publications include:
Resilient Leadership (with Jim Moyer)
Resilient Leadership 2.0 (with Bridgette Theurer)