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Resilient Leadership Development has provided over 20 years of coaching, training, and consulting services based on Bowen Theory, for those in leadership roles in organizations of all sizes and sectors. Through both Group Training and One-on-One Coaching, RL 360/Self-Assessment, and RL Coach Certification Programs; the Resilient Leadership Development Program introduces core concepts, practices, and tools that help leaders expand their resilience.

The Resilient Leadership Development Program also includes an ICF certified RL Coach Certification Program. We teach coaches how to help leaders manage anxiety in order to build resilience.

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The RL Team customizes every training event (or series of trainings) to fit the specific challenges faced by your organization. Whether it is an Executive Team that needs to step up its game to manage new obstacles or threats, or a recently formed ad hoc group that has to learn quickly how to work together as a team on an urgent priority, we deliver the kind of training that produces results. RL training builds a foundation of shared understanding about how systems work and what leaders need to do to achieve 1+ 1 = 3 synergies. We show you how those shared RL learnings can become the cultural norm for the organization.

360 - Self-Assessment

Learn More About Self/360 Assessment

The RL assessments focus on key leadership behaviors/competencies that stand at the heart of what it means to be a Resilient Leader. We organize the feedback Report and the debriefing process that goes with the assessments around the three RL Imperatives: Stay Calm, Stay Connected, Stay the Course. The assessment Report is designed to help clients identify and make concrete plans for personal/professional growth in areas where they are motivated to develop specific leadership skills and best practices. As a way to measure progress, we recommend repeating the assessment after working with a coach for a minimum of 6-9 months.

360 - Self-Assessment

Learn More About One-on-One Coaching

Smart organizations with a long-term vision for success recognize the value of investing in a variety of training and development programs for key employees. However, an enormous amount of research has documented that the retention rate of new learnings after 6 or 12 months drops to near zero unless the training is reinforced with follow-up, on-the-job efforts that support the application of the new learnings in the real world. This is particularly true of the kind of counter-intuitive insights gained in RL training, which is why it is so important to integrate new RL learnings with a Personal Development Plan and individualized coaching.

Seattle Certification Program

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Our world-class keynote speakers can launch and energize a large-scale event with innovative ideas on leadership as well as particular RL topics that suit the theme of your gathering. We can also coordinate break-out sessions to unpack keynote themes or provide stand-alone topics meant to spark interest in learning more about Resilient Leadership core practices. We delight in designing meeting agenda and facilitating group process for leadership teams facing a variety of challenges. Our unique focus on the dynamics of emotional systems brings a new level of awareness to leaders that is rarely found in traditional leadership retreats or trainings.

Seattle Certification Program
RL Consulting Services

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Our Resilient Leadership LLC team is comprised of seasoned leaders who have worked in or with a great variety of organizations over decades.

  • We have an impressive record of helping Senior Teams and entire organizations to make rapid progress with large-scale change initiatives as well as more modest challenges to leadership effectiveness.
  • Our success stories include CEOs whose personal and professional lives have undergone a profound renewal to corporate culture changes that have allowed organizations to dramatically improve key markers of efficiency/productivity such as employee engagement and retention.
  • We are focused on facilitating transformative change based on the principles of the RL model.

RL Consulting Services

Group Training — SEE, THINK, and LEAD differently

Instruction in the core units of the Resilient Leadership method by our Resilient Leadership Team. Through this training, participants learn to become aware of their own emotional functioning and to recognize and understand the interpersonal dynamics happening around them every day – shaping them into more insightful and effective leaders.