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Program Highlights:

Spend 3 days with us that you will never forget.  Enroll in our Resilient Leadership Coach Certification where you will work with a small number of colleagues to explore the emotional dynamics that surround all that you do at work, at home, …. everywhere.  During the three-day interactive learning experience plus quarterly follow up T-Cons, you and your colleagues will learn how to SEE, THINK and LEAD with greater calm, clarity and conviction, and as a consequence learn how you can strengthen and enrich your professional and personal relationships. Learn:

  • New Way of SEEING: Build your capability to recognize the presence and influence of automatic, reactive patterns in yourself, others, and in the relationship systems of which you are a  part.
  • New Way of THINKING: Expand your capability to “think systems” by reflecting thoughtfully on the actions, reactions, and interactions that you observe among people in the emotional system of which you are a part. In the practice of thinking systems, you will begin to understands situations and behaviors in light of certain universal, basic principles of how all emotional systems operate.
  • New Way of LEADING: Experience the strength and power of resilient leadership by focusing first your own self-differentiation, staying connected to others in a balanced and healthy way, and leading with conviction by functioning in a less reactive, more thoughtful, and principled fashion.

What People say about RL Coaching

"The Resilient Leadership Model is an interpersonal journey into the awareness of what it takes to be an effective leader professionally and personally. This unique experiential training program offered me insight and tools that have enabled me to help leaders remain calm, reduce the organizational anxiety caused by constant change and  bring their “best self” to the complex systems in which they work and live." 

Marjorie Shonnard MEd, LPC
Leadership Coaching
Professional Development

International Coach Federation (ICF) CCE Credits

Participation in the training program will earn coaches 41 Core Competencies units and 6.75 Resource Development units. The RL Coach Certification Program provides course graduates with a competitive edge both in their coaching process and content and in their professional stature. Professional development programs that are ICF certified provide the highest standard of quality and innovation in the coaching profession.


More About the Resilient Leadership Coach Certification Program:

The three day training program is further supported by four Quarterly Check in T-Cons designed to explore Resilient Leadership in greater depth with RL Expert facilitated discussions centering on four resources:

Course participants are granted 2-Year access to the Resilient Leadership Coach Portal where updated resources are provided including: Discussion Guides, Coach/Mentor Resources and Core Practices, and the RL-Self Assessment.

Additional Thoughts on RL Coaching

“The RL Coach Certification workshop with Bob, Jim and Bridgette gave me a clearer framework of RL and anchored my learning around leadership systems thinking. The interaction with other coaches was extremely valuable and I continue to network with a few of them. I would highly recommend the three day workshop.”

Dr. Dennis Stiles, DDS,
Diplomate ABDSM
Deans Faculty at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry