Resilient Leadership Self-Assessment Scores

Resilient Leadership Self-Assessment

A New Way


Seeing, Thinking, Leading


The 15-question self-assessment you have just completed is an abbreviated version of a more extensive questionnaire that can be used both as a self-assessment tool and as part of a 360 process to solicit feedback from work colleagues. The questions offer you the opportunity to think about what kind of a leader you are—and wish to become—from the perspective of the Resilient Leadership (RL) model. The tool is an opportunity for self-reflection and an invitation to explore more deeply the understanding of leadership embodied in the RL model.

The RL Self-Assessment is divided into 3 sub-scores and an overall score. Here are your sub-scores and your total score:

Stay Connected _____of possible 30

Non-Anxious Presence _____of possible 30

Lead with Conviction ______of possible 30

Self-Differentiation Index   ______of possible 90



Stay Connected: These questions explore how well you do at achieving balance in your relationships, avoiding the extremes of being too close or too distant.


 Non-Anxious Presence: The RL model describes reactivity as the “public face” of anxiety. These questions are about how well you manage your anxiety and thus your reactivity, in a variety of situations.


 Lead with Conviction: These questions explore the clarity of your vision as a leader, and how well you are able to remain true to your principles even in the face of resistance and outright opposition.


Differentiation of Self: The heart of becoming a more resilient leader is your growth in being your own person, true to yourself, able to integrate thinking and feeling responses—particularly in challenging situations—and in your ability to integrate in a healthy fashion the basic human needs for autonomy and intimacy.