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Spend 3 days with us that you will never forget. Enroll in our Resilient Leadership Coach Certification where you will work with a small number of colleagues to explore the emotional dynamics that surround all that you do at work, at home. October 17-19, 2019.


“Bridgette Theurer sums up one of the three imperatives to becoming a Resilient Leader – “Stay Calm”

Watch this 2-minute video to watch Bridgette describe the “bottom line” on how to “Stay Calm” in today’s day-in-day-out turbulence.

RL Practice of the Month
RL Practice of the Month-August

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Really?


The nugget of folk wisdom contained in this familiar saying may seem quaint to the point of being more myth than fact. But there is an accumulating—and by now conclusive—body of research that has documented the extent to which both “nature and nurture” conspire to shape the person we are. We “inherit” both our strengths and our vulnerabilities from a combination of genetics and epigenetics, from our DNA and from environmental factors such as the emotional patterns passed down to us across multiple generations of our family tree.


Increasing awareness is the essential starting point for improving how you show up as a leader.

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