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Energy, Vision, and Naiveté

Energy, Vision, and Naiveté

I soon learned that the changes I had introduced had injected a significant amount of anxiety into what Friedman referred to as the family system of the church.

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Family Matters Really Matter

I learned a lot during this very difficult time as I watched the principles of Resilient Leadership in action.

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Florence Brooks

Frozen on the Inside

I suddenly found myself frequently experiencing the powerful emotions of residents and team members on concerns that were important to them.

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Mike Nowland

Self-Differentiation and Resilient Leadership

Through Resilient Leadership certification I learned more about the Rational System and the Emotional System. I learned that we are generally unaware of chronic anxiety and so we tend to just react unconsciously to it in any Emotional System (think relationships.)

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Susan Palchesko

I Grew Up A Little “Under the Radar”

One of the assumptions that I had always made was that the more knowledge and life experience I gained, the more comfortable I would be leading others. I have since learned that this isn’t necessarily the case. I experienced that knowledge, responsibility, and even age can actually increase anxiety.

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Jim Burns - Writes About The Emotional Systems

A Leader’s Presence is Contagious!

I had observed success in others who had specific skills in marketing, strategic thinking, financial acumen, or operational savvy, and some who just plain outworked everyone else. None of those attributes applied to me! Yet my continued success has been recognized and rewarded, moving me up the ladder of success during my entire career.

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Janet Moczulewski

Exhausted? Burned Out? Frustrated? You may be Overfunctioning!

I learned a “new way of seeing.” I learned that over and under-functioning is anxiety driven and a reciprocal phenomenon. In other words, if I overfunction at work or in family life, others will under function…

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Richard McLaughlin

Richard McLaughlin Shares His Story About Managing Toxic Triangles to Solve Complex Problems and Reduce Chronic Anxiety

Business Leaders are tasked with solving complex and intriguing challenges almost daily. In this edition of the RL Spotlight, a client of ours, Richard McLaughlin, shares his story of a significant challenge he faced and how…

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Jordan Wilkins - Resilient Leader

Step-Down Transformer and A Life Threatening Mountain Emergency

Discover how leaders are applying Resilient Leadership principles in their lives and how it’s helping them rise above the turbulent forces of today’s emotional challenges, enough to even save a life!

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