Toxicity in the Workplace:
A Conversation We Need to Have

Many leaders often find themselves in situations where they lack the necessary tools, skills, and experience to effectively guide their team.


While challenges are a natural part of work, some environments foster a toxic culture characterized by negative and bullying behaviors. In toxic work environments, employees experience high-stress levels, limited communication, blame becomes the norm, and harmful attitudes and actions are rewarded.

Resilient Leadership offers a solution for leaders seeking to understand and navigate these toxic environments. Our program equips leaders with the knowledge to recognize such environments and reflect on their own contributions. By developing a deeper understanding, leaders learn to see, think, and lead more effectively. If you're interested in taking the first step, join one of our upcoming webinars starting in July. Led by experienced, Resilient Leaders, who have been in your shoes, each webinar costs $25 and requires just one hour of your time.

Start your journey towards effectively leading yourself and others through challenging toxic situations.

During each webinar, we present the basic concept for one of six Resilient Leadership dimensions and share useful techniques for managing individuals and teams, which can be put into practice. Each webinar's last 10-15 minutes is set aside to answer questions about Resilient Leadership and/or the day's topic. A free follow-up call is available for those who want to know more about Resilient Leadership.

The Resilient Leadership series offers new insights into the cause and impact of actions, interactions, and reactions within emotional systems, especially when anxiety is high.

  • Unit 1: New Way of Seeing (Intro to RL)
  • Unit 2: Be a Step-Down Transformer (Less Anxious Presence)
  • Unit 3: Stay Connected
  • Unit 4: Lead with Conviction
  • Unit 5: Balance the See-saw (Over/Under Functioning)
  • Unit 6: Managing Triangles