Up Your Game! Are you ready to work on “self” at a deep (and transformative) level?

  • Fact: Bowen Family Systems Theory (BFST) has many decades of research and clinical practice behind its assertion that self-differentiation is the key to higher functioning across nearly every dimension of life. Higher levels of self-differentiation are the product of a greater capacity for self-awareness, more clarity around self-definition, and an enhanced ability in the area of self-regulation. BFST research has also demonstrated that growth in self-differentiation is possible when an individual makes a long-term commitment to work on these foundational life skills.
  • Action: Take the online self-assessment on the Resilient Leadership web site and use your scores to help you think about where you would like to focus your growth as a leader in your family or work life. Use the resources suggested to lay out a self-improvement plan that you feel strongly motivated to follow…and that is realistic!

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