Explore the areas of your life where Resilient Leadership’s Coach Certification Program can provide you a transformative break through

We’ve decided to extend our registration for our upcoming Coaches Certification Program until Friday, April 26. The May RL Coach Certification Program takes place in Frederick, MD May 2-4, 2019. If you are still on the fence about joining us for this memorable weekend, we hope this article can offer insight into some of the information, skills, and concepts other leaders have gained from our programs.

You will acquire the tools you need to manage stress and quiet your inner anxiety. We will help you tap into your intuition and find out where your anxiety is really coming from. This will allow you to slow down, find your voice, and lead with ease. These tools ultimately start with you, but will become an integral part of your leadership style and will help others stay calm too.

“As the things that are driving change accelerate so too are the stress and anxiety levels we experience in life and in work. The tools and concepts I learned from R/L have become an integral part of my coaching toolkit. My clients have a language and tools to remain focused and grounded on leading themselves, others, and their organizations.”

Helena Light Hadley 

— Organization and Executive Development Consultant

You will learn a whole new way of thinking that applies to your personal leadership style and relationships around you. You will go deep into learning about actions, reactions, and interactions. When you start to see these patterns, you will better understand how to manage situations and behaviors.

“The RL Coach Certification workshop with Bob, Jim, and Bridgette gave me a clearer framework of RL and anchored my learning around leadership systems thinking. The interaction with other coaches was extremely valuable and I continue to network with a few of them. I would highly recommend the three day workshop.”

Dr. Dennis Stiles, 


— Diplomate ABDSM Deans Faculty at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry

You will learn how to manage yourself in the emotions dynamics in which you work and live. After learning to recognize and understand this, you will learn how to powerfully lead within these dynamics, and teach others how to manage these dynamics, too.

“The Resilient Leadership Model is an interpersonal journey into the awareness of what it takes to be an effective leader professionally and personally. This unique experiential training program offered me insight and tools that have enabled me to help leaders remain calm, reduce the organizational anxiety caused by constant change, and bring their “best self” to the complex systems in which they work and live.”

Marjorie Shonnard,


— Leadership Coaching Professional Development 

Not only do you learn how to impact your professional life, but you will also positively impact your personal network too. You will learn how to navigate relationships, help yourself and others ease anxiety, and become a more confident leader. After all, interpersonal connections are happening around you everyday, not just in the workplace. Our self-assessment tool will help you uncover your strengths and opportunities for growth.

“Of all the tools available to leadership coaches I have found that the Resilient Leadership model has shown the most profound impact on both the professional as well as the personal lives of my clients.”

Dennis Parnell 

— Executive/Leadership Coach

This is just a small sampling of what we have to offer you at our Coaches Certification Training. We hope to see you in May!