Bridgette Theurer Discusses Over-functioning

Over Functioning - To think, feel or act for another person in a way that erodes that person’s capacity for ownership or effective action.

  • How to avoid Over Functioning – A 3 Step Process
    • Step 1: Observe the tendency to Over Functioning in yourself.
    • Step 2: Hit the pause button next time you are triggered by anxiety to “save” someone. Then stop and ask yourself the key question: “How can I be a resource to this person without taking away their initiative and willingness to take action?” Then take action as appropriate.
    • Step 3: Practice Steps 1 and 2 a lot. Over time your capability to spot your tendency to Over Functioning and ask yourself the key question will become second nature. When this happens, you will have a dramatic positive impact on your leadership, on your life and on your relationships.

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