Coaches Certification Program — Frederick, MD, 2020

RL Coach Certification Program —
Frederick, Maryland

Heather Jelks“I’ve become a wiser, more effective coach through the Resilient Leadership coach training. The model is foundational to my coaching practice and has also been an invaluable tool for my personal growth.”

-Heather Jelks, PCC
President Nautilus Coaching & Consulting, LLC

Listen to Heather Jelks describe what she learned at a recent RL Coach Certification Program

Resilient Leadership Coaches Certification Program - Gaithersburg, MD

Group Training — SEE, THINK, and LEAD differently
Instruction in the core units of the Resilient Leadership method by our team of leadership coaches. Through this training, participants learn to become aware of their own emotional functioning and to recognize and understand the interpersonal dynamics happening around them everyday – shaping them into more insightful and effective leaders.


Self/360 Assessment — Track Your Growth
Resilient Leadership Programs include a valuable RL Self/360 leadership feedback process. The RL Self/360 feedback provides clients confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who they work with regularly. The process is a powerful and effective way to uncover strengths and blind spots and provides key insight for leadership development by helping our clients understand how others see their strengths and opportunities for growth.

1-on-1 Coaching
Work with a Certified Resilient Leadership coach to apply RL principles to organizational or daily challenges. One-on-one coaching can be conducted independent of our other training options, or folded into a larger RL training program where a subset of leaders engaging in our RL courses have the opportunity to also meet with a coach. In this way, these leaders are better able to spur change in an organization by building a thorough understanding of the RL toolkit.

What are the Benefits of RL Coach Certification?

John Hart - Marriott“Resilient Leadership has helped me manage relationships better and gain a more thorough understanding of people’s position personally and professionally. This has helped me manage better and get the best results from the team.”

-John Hart, Director of Events
Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando