Coaching Leaders in a VUCA World

By James Moyer - Resilient Leadership Partner

Coaching leaders in a VUCA worldWhat must leaders do at home, at work or in their community when faced with unrelenting volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA)? There are four essentials according to Bridgette Theurer, Resilient Leadership’s Senior Associate and expert Coach and Trainer. Her guidance suggests that, as a leader you must:

  1. Manage Your Own Anxiety First,
  2. Be Present and Accountable,
  3. Embody Grounded Optimism,
  4. Be a Step-Down Transformer

In Brief: Coaching leaders means that we must help them first see and manage their own anxiety before they can effectively take steps to lead or influence others.  Nothing is more unsettling that a leader who has lost his/her bearing or self-control.  At moments of high anxiety, an effective leader realizes that their command of the situation sets the stage for both smart and effective teamwork. Guided by a leader with steady command; organizations, teams and even families can unite to achieve a common goal.

Effective leaders who have the ability to SEE, THINK and LEAD from a less-anxious stance are able to be present and accountable to the people depending on them. The connection they establish and maintain with others is strengthened by their optimism, and they know when and how to calm down the tension and anxiety in those they lead.

Bridgette has this just right. Her guidance and coaching offers a way for leaders to recognize and manage their emotional process within themselves as well as the emotional processes that surround and impact all of their social interactions.

Full Article: In the article, Leadership in a Time of Crisis, Bridgette digs deep into the three threat levels we fact today in this VUCA world and spells out a plan for how to keep the emotional system that encircles everything we do open, healthy and enriched.

About the Author...

Jim Moyer

James Moyer is a founding member of Resilient Leadership, LLC, and is the co-author with Bob Duggan of the book Resilient Leadership. Jim is an Executive Coach and strategic planning and organizational development consultant with over 30 years experience in for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations.