Danger: Politics Ahead

By John Moyer - Contributing Editor

Danger: Politics AheadFor many of us, the “good old days” are filled with memories of family get-togethers and laughter. But sometimes “good old days” can also be stressful days. Many dread the subject of politics, where one person’s opinion can cause another either to argue or simply leave the room. What’s being discussed (content) is clouded by the emotion the content triggers (emotional process).

Resilient Leadership makes a distinction between content and emotional process. Content is what is being discussed- the words that are spoken. Yet what drives the words, especially in tense situations, is emotional process. Internally, when anxiety rises, feelings override sound thinking. One’s internal anxiety is demonstrated by the spoken word, triggering another to argue or simply leave the table. This is an external display of emotional process. The “infection” spreads.

Resilient Leaders would do well to listen to content and think “emotional process”- thus allowing for a more thoughtful response.

About the Author...

John Moyer

John Moyer is currently a teacher and District Leadership Coach with the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District in Stow, Ohio. John is founder of Third Dimension Leadership LLC: https://www.thirddimensionleadership.com where he provides leadership training and coaching for aspiring leaders. You can contact him at john@thirddimensionleadership.com.