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Do we grow more from Comfort or from Challenge?

Do we grow more from Comfort
or from Challenge?


Our body’s immune system grows stronger when it is faced with a virus or manageable threat that it must defend against by growing antibodies. This is at the heart of why immunizations work. The human system strengthens itself by overcoming adversity. Likewise, individuals and organizations grow stronger from overcoming adversity, from being stretched outside of their comfort zones, and from the challenge of finding new capacities within themselves.


Consider the extent to which you are currently asking yourself and others to stretch, to grow and to face challenge and adversity. The role of the leader is to act much like the immune system of the body, developing stronger internal capabilities in the face of adversity, which in turn builds confidence, fortitude, and strength. What new challenge might you undertake yourself or offer your family or team to strengthen the capacity to face and overcome challenges?

Try It:

As we move toward the end of the year, consider what growth opportunities exist which will help strengthen yourself, your family, and/or your team. What new capabilities can be developed in 2020 which will equip you, your family, and/or your team to be stronger, more prepared, more capable. Think it through, make a plan, face and meet a new challenge!

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