Frequently Asked Questions about Resilient Leadership

What is Resilient Leadership (RL)?

RL is a method of observing and managing the emotional processes that influence the social networks in life. It is based on the theory and practice of Family Systems Theory which was developed by Dr. Murray Bowen.

What services are offered by Resilient Leadership LLC?

RL LLC offers coaching, training and consulting to help client groups and coaches learn the concepts of RL and practice using the methods and tools of RL.

How do I become a certified Resilient Leadership Coach?

RL LLC offers a three-day coach certification program annually. For more information about an upcoming program to go (Landing Page)

How is Resilient Leadership Coaching different from other coaching methods?

The Resilient Leadership model emphasizes that how a leader is present to the emotional system is far more important than the leader’s personality, any management techniques he or she may employ, or how well s/he functions as a role model to be imitated by others. Rather, it is the nature of the leader’s presence—his or her calm assertion of self or anxious inability to take a stand—that most decisively affects the emotional field of which s/he is a part.

CCEWhat ICF credits do I earn by becoming a certified Resilient Leadership coach?

Participation in the RL Coach Certification Program will earn ICF Certified Coaches 41 Core Competencies Units and 6.75 Resource Development units.

What resources are provided to me when I become a certified Resilient Leadership Coach?

Graduates of the RL Coach Certification program are granted unlimited access to the RL Coach Certification Portal which contains Relevant Articles, Handouts, Videos, Coaching Best Practices, and Integration Tools.

Assistance in the use of RL concepts, methods and tools and business development activities including contract preparation.

What is the theoretical basis of Resilient Leadership?

The source of the Resilient Leadership model lies in the pioneering research of Dr. Murray Bowen (1913-1990), a classically trained Freudian psychiatrist who, beginning in the 1950’s and for forty years thereafter, was one of the founders of a new therapeutic approach called Family Systems Theory.