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Got Problems? Be Resilient!

Got Problems? Be Resilient!

Recently a young woman, confronted with some much-needed dental work was in the chair undergoing the removal of a crown when her dentist abruptly stopped the procedure and, in a voice, filled with anxiety said, “don’t swallow”, right after she had swallowed.

He quickly scanned the floor around the dental chair trying to find the drill bit that had come loose from the dental drill he was using.  Nowhere to be found.  “Did you swallow something?” he asked.  “Yes, I think I did” she replied.

Then immediately began a sequence of events that required repeated efforts to quickly get a scan of her lungs to determine if she faced a life threating situation. First, off to the emergency room for a 3-hour wait that ended in no help. Next, calls to the dentist office to secure authorization to have a scan done at an imaging center. Then more waiting, more anxiety.  Finally, six hours later the imaging center scan confirmed that the 1¼ inch drill bit was not in her lungs.  But where was it?  A full day passes, and the next morning additional scans indicate that is in her stomach and about to pass into her lower digestive track. More waiting, more scans.  Six days later and still no drill bit.

During the next week, this young woman managed her difficult physical discomfort, kept up her very busy schedule, overcame many confounding medical system roadblocks, openly communicated with colleagues and family members as she welcomed all sorts of somewhat “invasive” questions about the whereabouts of the drill bit with humor.

All the while she calmed the people around her who rely on her to keep her commitments, maintain open and welcoming communications and continue her strong level of self-command.

How did she keep her cool during this two-week ordeal?

  • She remained less anxious than others in her emotional networks (Step-Down Transformer).
  • She stayed connected to those in her emotional networks. (Balancing Close-Distant)
  • With dogged determination she stayed on the course that would return her to good health. (Strong Conviction)

Bottom Line: She remained Resilient.

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