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How to Overcome Today’s Challenges with Innovative and Collective Action

How to Overcome Today's Challenges with Innovative and Collective Action


In every area of their lives—personal as well as professional–Resilient Leaders consistently work at practicing the three core imperatives of the RL model:

  • Stay Calm
  • Stay the Course
  • Stay Connected

These three basic principles guide their engagement with life at every level, whether in the management of the rational systems or of the emotional systems to which they belong. When these are practiced with intentionality over a lifetime, the result is a steady growth in emotional maturity and leadership effectiveness.

RL leaders are able to maximize the creativity and productivity of the organizations, teams, communities and families they lead by remaining less anxious in the midst of the escalating reactivity that surrounds them. They are the calming “still point” others turn to for reassurance, relief, and guidance when storms threaten to destabilize and overwhelm our most treasured certainties. They remain firm, clear, and determined to operate out of core values and solid principles when so many around them gravitate to the quick fix or seem willing to abandon the right path. And they have learned how to avoid the polarizing extremes of cutoffs and fusion. They are skilled at maintaining that delicate balance between being close enough to influence, yet distant enough to lead.

Today more so than in any recent times, strong and vibrant Resilient Leaders are desperately needed in virtually every sphere of our private and public lives.  In these times of political turbulence, economic uncertainty, and social unrest, our families, communities and organizations need leaders who are self-aware, self-regulating and self-defining. The future is ours to make and will be defined by the absence or presence of leaders whose informed, thoughtful and courageous leadership can help us build families, communities and organizations that are resilient enough to meet the daunting challenges we face.


Collective action is required to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. For this RL Practice of the Month, we are inviting you to participate in a dialogue on three critical questions:

  1. For you, what does it look like when a leader embodies the qualities of Resilient Leadership?
  2. What have you learned is most needed for a leader to keep her/his balance during times of such economic, political and social turmoil?
  3. What must resilient leaders avoid doing and conversely be sure to accomplish to increase their effectiveness?

Try It:

Take a few minutes and share your answers to one or more of the questions.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can check back to review answers which others provide.