ICF Leadership Certified Coaches: Best in Class

By James Moyer - Resilient Leadership Partner

ICF Leadership Certified Coaches: Best in ClassAs a partner of Resilient Leadership LLC and proud ICF Certified Vendor I want to acknowledge the superior quality of ICF certified coaches at all levels.  Over the past 10 years, my colleagues, Bob Duggan and Bridgette Theurer and I have had the pleasure and honor of working with ICF coaches from across the country.

Over the years, we have offered our professional development program for coaches in Resilient Leadership many times.  Here is what makes ICF Coaches Best in Class:

  • Competent:  ICF certified coaches come to our programs with a clear understanding of the mechanics of quality coaching.  They know their way around the coaching profession. They know what they are doing.
  • Committed:  ICF certified coaches have chosen the vocation of profession coaching in order to make a difference in the lives of their clients, their community and the world.
  • Curious: ICF certified coaches are delightfully curious. They are always eager to gather new resources, learn more and add to their technical and managerial skill set.

Want a really great leadership coach?  Get a ICF Certified Leadership Coach.

About the Author...

Jim Moyer

James Moyer is a founding member of Resilient Leadership, LLC, and is the co-author with Bob Duggan of the book Resilient Leadership. Jim is an Executive Coach and strategic planning and organizational development consultant with over 30 years experience in for-profit, not-for-profit, and government organizations.