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  • LeadershipEach of us arrives at adulthood carrying with us the deep scripting from our nuclear and extended family (mom, dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.) and from the previous generations of our family of origin.  This scripting creates a “way of being” and a “way of acting/reacting” that is, for the most part, instinctual and automatic.  Our actions and our reactions are driven by forces which, to a great extent, exist below the level of our conscious awareness. Because it is so deeply ingrained, this scripting is extremely powerful and has a major impact on us in every aspect of our daily lives.
  • The “human intelligence system” is comprised of a thinking dimension and a feeling dimension.  Every interaction we have is a composite of what we think and how we feel at the moment.  When we feel threatened even in subtle ways, we instinctively (that is, automatically, with little or no self-awareness) shift into one of the classic defensive modes--fight, flight, freeze or appease--to protect ourselves. The greater the threat, the more likely that our feeling self will overwhelm and even eclipse our thinking self.
  • Learning to be a more balanced “self” is a lifelong process and occurs gradually with an increase in self-awareness and with better self-management skills. The more frequently and astutely we observe the interplay between our thinking and feeling selves—and how they drive our ways of being and acting—the more we can be “at choice” for how we will respond to the unfolding events of the day.  As we become less and less anxious in the face of threats small and large, we become more grounded, more thoughtful, more resilient, more aware and finally, more at peace.
Jim Moyer

Jim Moyer
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