RL Practice of the Month

Managing a lot of change?
Give your team
the clarity they need

Resilient Leadership Clarity


The human brain craves certainty. When change efforts breed uncertainty, anxiety and reactivity escalates, as does the rumor mill. The emotional system begins to vibrate with greater and greater amounts of dissonance. Rumors become rampant and when passed around the emotional system often enough become confused with fact.


Ask yourself where your team needs more clarity from you. Then communicate clearly, consistently and often. Doing so will calm their anxiety and settle the rumor mill, which in turn will allow people to act more thoughtfully.

Try It:In the midst of a change, repeatedly share accurate information and facts.
Let team members know:

  • The “Why” of the change,
  • The “How” of the change, and
  • The “When” of the change.

And even when you don’t know all the facts about a change (either because they are still evolving or because they have yet to be shared with you) be transparent with your team. Tell them what you do know, what you don’t know, and commit to keeping them in the loop”.


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