Bridgette Theurer Presents "Staying Resilient in a Time of Uncertainty"

Resilient Leadership Partner, Bridgette Theurer, recently made a presentation to a group of members at the Human Resource Management Association of Jamaica (HRMAJ). The online conference held in November, 2020 focused on, "Staying Resilient in a Time of Uncertainty."  The content of the presentation is summarized below. Please contact us with any questions.

Resilience has been a popular buzz word for years and a heavily researched topic. In the midst of a global pandemic, resilience is more relevant than ever as we continue to face unprecedented levels of uncertainty and anxiety. In this interactive webinar, we will explore a model of leadership that is based on a systems perspective, one that allows leaders and business owners to cultivate a more thoughtful, less reactive workplace and to sustain their leadership efforts over time.

Some of the lively discussion included:

  • A unique definition of what it means to lead with resilience
  • The three principles of being a Resilient Leader that will help your organization to be more creative and innovative
  • How to avoid Over-functioning, which is the chief cause of burnout
  • Practical ideas for managing anxiety, dealing with uncertainty and sustaining yourself over time

About Bridgette Theurer...

Bridgette Theurer

Bridgette Theurer has over 25 years of experience coaching and training individuals and teams around the world. Her clients have included senior executives, managers, and emerging leaders from a wide variety of organizations including the Marriott Corporation, The Food and Safety Administration, Booz Allen and The University of Maryland, as well as numerous small businesses and startups. In addition to her experience as an executive coach, she has worked extensively in human resources and organizational development, both as a corporate trainer and an independent management consultant. Bridgette has also designed a 6-month Resilient Leadership Development Program for the FDA, and has certified over 100 coaches in this unique model of leadership.

In 2015 she co-authored and published her first book, titled: Missing Conversations: 9 Questions All Leaders Should Ask Themselves. Her newest book, Resilient Leadership 2.0: Leading with Calm, Clarity and Conviction in Anxious Times, was published in January of 2018. She is a partner in Resilient Leadership, LLC and founder of ClearCompass, a corporate coaching business dedicated to helping leaders at all levels to become more inspired, effective and successful.