RL Practice of the Month

What is really going on around here?


Much, maybe most, of what is going on in the social networks of life is based on automatic functioning (AKA instinctual responses). We would like to think that our day-to-day action follows a well-considered, thoughtful pattern. Sorry – overwhelming scientific research indicates that’s not true. For the most part, we are being pulled along in the fast-moving and often turbulent currents of our emotions. What to do?


Three steps will help.

  1. First: Simply be more self-observant. Get in touch with your own emotional state. Notice the people and events that are triggering you and how you react when triggered.
  2. Next: Consider your part in the drama unfolding around you. Work at seeing yourself more objectively and then ask yourself, “What’s my part in this?”
  3. Finally: Decide— “What should I do now?”

Try It:

During the month of October, on Sunday evening select one important relationship for the upcoming week to practice recasting your way of thinking and behaving with an expanded level of self-awareness. In other words, stay awake during your interactions with this person, manage your own reactive tendencies and see what happens.

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