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On the RL Balcony

On the RL 2024 Balcony

Hello 2024! We begin another year filled with many wonderful opportunities to exercise leadership—for ourselves and for others—each and every one of the 366 days in 2024. (Every leap year gives us a bonus day to practice Resilient Leadership!)

Our framework of thought will define how we respond to these opportunities. We can be influenced by (and sometimes driven by) our instincts and emotions; we can also bring a thoughtful, curious mindset to situations and exchanges with people who trigger our “automatic” reactions. How we choose to respond will determine if we promote greater calm or escalate anxiety, whether we operate out of a scarcity mentality or an attitude of abundance and generosity, if our lives are filled with joyfulness or bitterness, and—ultimately—if our leadership brings more clarity or sows confusion.

By our thoughtful action or our automatic reaction, we are always making a choice. This year, let’s resolve to be deliberate, thoughtful, and brave. Let’s lead with greater Calm, Clarity, and Conviction.