Resilient Leadership shares leadership method information at CFHLA HEAT Trade Show

At the CFHLA HEAT, visitors to the Resilient Leadership booth heard Jim Burns and Jim Moyer share information about a leadership method specifically designed to help leaders face and manage even in the most challenging situations.

It was a great show – well planned, organized and executed.   Thanks to all the folks who stopped by to say hello and give us a few minutes to talk about Resilient Leadership . If you missed us, you will be interested in the handouts we provided.

Our organization, Resilient Leadership LLC was delighted to have Jim Burns hosting our booth at this year’s CFHLA HEAT.  Jim earned his RL Coach Certification in 2018 and has been very helpful in speeding the word about Resilient Leadership, in the greater Orlando area. Welcome Jim!

At the CFHLA HEAT, people kept asked about our Iceberg Model. We talked a lot about how to Stay Calm, Stay Connected and Stay the Course.  First steps in learning about being more resilient took place all day as visitor connected with the important ideas of RL. Lots of learning and lots of fun too.


  • By learning how to SEE, THINK and LEAD within their organizational dynamics with much greater clarity, conviction and command.
  • By increasing their level of self-awareness, self-regulation and self-command.
  • By literally GROWING UP in very new and very rewarding ways.
  • Download the RL Overview
  • Download Jim Burns / Jim Moyer CV