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Emotional Triangles are Everywhere and Ever Present

Emotional Triangles

Emotional Triangles are Everywhere and Ever Present “A triangle is a triad between three people, formed to lower the stress being experienced between two of the people.” Initial exploration by Dr. Murray Bowen led to the realization that the basic building block of emotional systems is the triangle not the dyad as one might initially

Understanding our Anxiety-Filled Need for Acceptance

To feel valued and respected is a universal human need. We evolved over countless generations to function within groups, where being accepted as a valued member of the group was literally essential to our survival. The drive to “fit in” and to be accepted by our “pack” is not only normal—it’s hardwired into our evolutionary

Resilient Leadership shares leadership method information at CFHLA HEAT Trade Show

At the CFHLA HEAT, visitors to the Resilient Leadership booth heard Jim Burns and Jim Moyer share information about a leadership method specifically designed to help leaders face and manage even in the most challenging situations. It was a great show – well planned, organized and executed.   Thanks to all the folks who stopped by

Bridgette Theurer on Resilient Leadership Development

Resilient Leadership is a big shift in thinking. Coaches who become Certified in Resilient Leadership (RL) develop new capabilities for helping their clients live and lead with greater awareness, understanding and command of themselves. RL concepts, tools and methods helps people SEE, THINK and LEAD with much greater insight into the emotional processes which surround